Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Then and now

Then and now:

I kissed you once, and I got a lisp
Don't know if it's wise to love you still
You know how to love and you do get through
But I'm still learning how to find you.

'Tis better to stay with the old, than ring in the new
But sometimes if the old is gone, then the new is here to stay
You know it, and I do too
It's time to go straight through

It's another day, wonder what will happen
You froze my browser, put a "Not responding" on it
'Twas a blessing in disguise,
Ya it freed me well,
And I went around doing my stuff.

The room is swabbed and the bed is made
The table is clean and the books are laid
Everything's been cleaned and put back in place.
Here I am, just waiting for you.

I think today's the seventh day since it started,
Not very sure, I forgot when it did,
I'm assuming the seventh, and know it's true
Waiting to see you.

I want to tell you how I feel
I hear you, calling me
I respond, d'ya wannna hear
And get a glimpse into me so near.

Ya already know all about me so
It's so obvious to me that you don't know
Just what I'm talking about
But maybe you do
I think you really do.

Gotta finish this poem, somehow someway,
It's just a few lines, that are here to stay,
I need to get my Kingdom out
The Heaven within, gotta let it out here.

You taught me well, you taught me lots
Don’t you know I need to let it out?
Ya this poem's well on the way to be completed,
Just a little bit more and then we're there.

You're waiting, I can sense that,
I'm so happy you want me back......

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