Sunday, 6 October 2013

Should've kept searching

Lyrics - Should've kept searching

Walk right up to me,
Right in my face
Tell me who you
And I love you.

I've loved the Lord
I've loved the air
Felt love rising up
Didn't know where to put it

I sat and searched for someone
Who was causing these feelings
Reached out for you
And you were there

A dream in my mind
A feeling in my heart
A love in my soul
A life in me

And I felt and I felt
Till I thought I would burst
And still I didn't know who you were.

I could bear it no more
Sitting alone
Trying to meet you
In my mind.

And people came, and they tried to talk
But I didn't know them
And I ran away.

Should've kept searching
The Lord is faithful
He would have led me to you
Should've kept asking
"Who are you?  Won't you tell me, I'm asking you"
Should've kept knocking
You'd have opened it
And I would have been in.

Now I ask, O Lord;
And I seek and I've found
And I knock and the door's been opened.

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