Monday, 7 October 2013

Poem - You and me

Poem - You and me

If I love you, you're dead
It's better if I don't
I'll just help you along
Life's dusty road

With plants on each side
And grass and trees
So the dust stays down
where it should

Love is for the Lord
Love the Lord your God
With all your heart
With all your soul
And with all your strength
So says the Lord

What is left to love you with?
I don't love you
I only help you along

Forgive me for all those times
When I thought I should love you
I was mistaken
Blinded by the beauty of your words
They evoked in me so much love
I just had to pour it out to you.

But it hurts you when I love you
And so I desist
I only try to help you now
In what you do

Maybe a help meet to you
close to you
Or maybe from a distance

All I know is that when I do
What I should do
I sense your happiness
And your pleasure
And that is all to me

So I seek now
To do my work faithfully
Knowing that as I do well
Only then will you be happy

In my happiness lies your joy
And in your joy

my satisfaction.

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