Monday, 7 October 2013

Poem – We are one

Poem – We are one

I hear the thunder roar
And the roar of the sea
As the breakers race toward me

Will I survive or will I cry
In relief or in agony
I haven't sinned too greatly
Just did all I could do

So my desire is for you
And ya rule me too

'Twas in the sweat of my brow
that I found sweet relief
It was in working out
that I found energy

But now I'm at home
Sitting here,
Waitin' for ya

I've felt the initials
I've felt the tug
I've felt the feelings
All around

I've seen you
And I've heard you
And I've begged you
And I await

You said "Don't touch me"
What else shall I do
How can I give to you?

Just gotta be me
You're in my heart
You share in my agony
You share in my joy
You share in everything
As long as I am happy.

Gotta love myself first
And thus learn to love you
The way that I love myself.
You and me, me an' you.
We are one.

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