Monday, 7 October 2013

Poem - Giving

Poem - Giving

Give and it will be given to you
A good measure pressed down
shaken together
And running over
Will be poured into your lap

Cast your bread upon the waters
And after many days you will find it

If a brother near you falls on hard times
You shall open your hand and lend to him
Sufficient for his need.

And now it is time
For me to arise
And shine
For the glory of the Lord
Is risen upon me.

Actually, it arose a long time ago
But this time I let it shine again

No one else can satisfy
I search and search
But it's just you and me
You're the only that brings me out
from Heaven within
To the earth without
And it is Heaven on Earth.

The sweetness of your touch
The whisper of your voice
That calls to me
Yes, deep calls to deep
And I love to answer, my Lord

And I love to serve you in what I do
And to pour myself out
To give you the best and the first

And the Lord blesses what I do
And the heavens roar
And the angels sing

'Cos everything is alright once again.

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