Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Only we

Only we

I try to help you, anyway I can
I walk for miles,
With you on my mind
I work out a sweat
To feel a little good
But it only works if I'm thinkin' of you.

Don't know why, it don't work with no one else
When I'm searching, I still know why
I see so many things and people
But I know, they're not the one
And I got to keep going.

I found you, my Lord, once upon a time
I'm still with you, and you with me
Gotta learn to be satisfied with what I have
It's only good in my hand.

Once conquered, we gotta stay
Walk the land up, up and down
Gotta subdue it, as the good Lord says
Or it won't be pleased a bit.

Gotta subdue and have dominion
Over our land, no one else can
Only we should walk it, up and down
Only we can make it shine and live
Only we can make it right.

So we come to our land, in the name of the Lord,
To subdue and have dominion,
To tell it to be fruitful and multiply
To tell it it's doin' good
Keep goin' that way
We're here to make it stay.

So much of what is good is called bad,
And the bad good,
Just got to let the inside out
And learn to appreciate the out.

Let the grain of wheat fall and die,
Then it germinates and grows
Becomes a plant with fruits and seed,
Thirty, sixty or a hundred fold.

Gotta listen, for the Lord
For that voice that tells me when I'm wrong
Got to figure out what it says

Before it's too late.

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