Wednesday, 9 October 2013

On hearing you

On hearing you :

I have to react, when I hear your voice
Where ever you are,
You switch it on, and you switch it off
And there's nothing else I can do.

Don't worry, it's always been me
No one else gets in between
There are so many of me,
And so many of you
We're a flock of pairs.
We're a constellation of stars.

You call, and I answer
Even when you're not calling for me
It becomes you and me
And me and you
And you always follow through

Don't you worry, I don't mind
I'd only do it for you
You do so much for me
I just do what I can
Which is sufficient
Which is good
Which is overwhelming

I'm so glad, to have finally found you
I've been talking to you all my life
On the phone, to my friend,
It's always been to you.
When I was on the phone,
People asked, "Who's she talking to?"
I say the words,
But they're said to you.

You were a dream in the air
A feeling I had
A presence I felt
I called you "Lord" for a long time
One person actually said his competition was God.

Sometimes I wonder, should I not tell you this,
And go back to pretending it was the Lord?
But the Lord wants me to fulfill my destiny
The reason He made me.
So here I am,
To be and to do
Just me and you
And the rest just follows through.

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