Tuesday, 8 October 2013



Once upon a time, I loved the Lord Jesus Christ
And life was good, and I lived and I thrived
Then one day, I found you
And I thought, "I've found the Lord".

It makes perfect sense, though
For you were made in the image of God
So you have His characteristics.

You're strong and you're loving
You subdue with a gentle hand
You draw me with cords of loving kindness
And I recognise you.

You know what I've done
You know what I've not
You've looked out for me
Not just once or twice,
But a thousand times over.

Each time is fresh and new
Each time goes deeper and stronger
The foundation's been laid
In a great big pit
We can build a building now

But let's not boast,
'Twas the Lord's doing,
He kept us all these years,
He loved me, and he loved you
And never did we actually meet.

It's always been the Lord between us
A three-fold cord stays strong and true
It is His handiwork
I praise Him right through.

God is love, and as He stood between us
Whatever I said He turned to love
And whatever you said He turned to love
It was love, love, love all the way

Let's always remember the Lord
It is He who made us
It is He who loved us
It is He who planned us.

When I come to you in the name of the Lord
And you, in His Name,
He is present once again, in our midst
And His Name is loved once more.

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