Thursday, 10 October 2013

Just some thoughts

Just some thoughts....

What the hell has happened to me
I used to be such a nice girl
Sweet, was the word everyone used
When they talked about me
The girl with the smile......

But to tell the truth,
I'm better now than I used to be
So much has happened since I was me
The latter exceeds the former
'Tis just a question of finding out how

Can stand on my own two feet now
So I've heard it said of me

Am I still sweet, I don't know
Am I sour or am I bitter
Am I hot, ooh there's a pun
I wonder if I am

I used to think I was,
But no one else did
I was told, "Look at her, she is hot"
But they didn't say it about me.

Does it really matter what people say
Are they a true mirror to my face?
I looked in the mirror and didn't understand
Once upon a time,
But now I understand,
That I am me, and you are you.

It's a thing we got going
It's real and true
Ya, sometimes fact is stranger than fiction
Though fiction later follows it.

Gotta keep the fact a fact
It is good, in my hand
I understand
And I'm ready to take my place
At the head of my table.

I'm the queen of my land
I need to subdue it
It cries out to me
I gotto rescue it.

Only me....

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