Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Just need to be me

Just need to be me:

I don't need to give you anything anymore
I just need to be
As I am, so are you
If I'm alright, then so are you

Just gotta take care of myself
'Cos I am you, and you are me.
Jesus was right when He said,
"Love your neighbour, as yourself".

First I should love myself.
Only then will I know how to love you
If I don't love myself
Then how can I love you?

And so I love myself
I have mercy on myself
I am good to me
I meet my needs with what He's given me.

And as I live and grow
And become a good tree
The flowers bloom
The bees arrive
And soon there is fruit.

Just gotta be me, it's simple enough
Do I know who I am?
Then is that me?

You can tell me, and shout it in my ear
But if someone else is standing where I used to
It is they who hear.

Wish I'd be myself, and hold my ground
But is it the Lord who sends sleep lest I be found?

Am learning now, not to sleep then
Am learning now to stay awake
When you say my name

Am learning that I should present myself
And not another
I keep trying, to be.
It's workin' fine, if you ask me.

Just keeps getting better, the more I try,
And today I know the reason why.

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