Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Hiya there!

Hiya there!


Ya take me on the road,
Ya take me in my head,
Ya take me when I do the clothes
But never in my bed.

Ya know what I do
It's right there before you
Ya know when I go astray
Ya know when I pray

Ya, it's very wonderful
To have someone like you
Of all the people that I had
Ya, I love you too

I know we're gonna meet someday
When all is said
You will know me
And I you
And it will all be said again

Ya got ya words
And I got mine
Chances are, they collide
You're in my heart, and in my soul too
do you ever wonder what I went through?

It was wonderful all these years
I called you Lord
And I was your child
You were always around
I reached up to you
Reaching higher and higher
Till my voice came through.

And where are the lower notes?
I don't really know
But they're out there somewhere
And I'm gonna feed them

Gotta let out what's in my heart
If I do, it will be a start
The heavy cross ya carry around
It's light for me and oh so sound.

I'll carry it, if ya don't mind
I love it, it's made for me
It's a cross just made for me

The good Lord knows I need it sore.

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