Friday, 11 October 2013

From here to there

From here to there:

Once I thought I could help everyone,
But they don't need my help
They can bear.

Just need to give them space, to find their legs
Just need to lend a helping hand
Not give them all I've got
Lest I be the one in trouble

I need to make sure of what I got
And lend out of the goodness of my heart
Lend from whatever I have
Not from someone else.

Let me give freely of my bounty
I keep the best for me
The rest I can give with impunity
The rewards are plenty

If I take from my neighbour
I have to repay
Not from my worst, but from my best
Far better, I say, to give my second-best

That way, I keep my best,
And you keep yours
Everyone keeps what they have
Only they know the cost

What looks like dirt to me
Might be valuable to my neighbour
Let me not take anything from him
Lest he get impoverished.

Everyone has been given, from the Lord
Who am I to say you are wrong?
If I do well, I will have much more
If I don't, then I go to hell.

Hell ain't bad, if ya ask me
It's warm and toasty all around
Been cold so bad, it sounds real good to me
Ya, I might just spend awhile.

The Lord is good, He's provided
A place for each and everyone
Some like the harps
But some need the heat.

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