Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Following after you

Following after you:

Once upon a time, I love the Lord Jesus Christ
I loved to worship at his feet
I loved to read what He had said
I loved to receive from Him

And I kept on following Him,
And trying to please Him,
Till one day He said, "It's not just Me.
I made you for a purpose
To be a companion to a man.

You've followed Me long enough
Now go and find him
He's lonely and he's desperate
And waiting for someone to love

Stop following Me a while
And see,
It is just as I have told thee".

I stopped following, but I didn't find
I didn't look long enough for my man
I tried my best, rang up all the rest,
But I didn't find him, and he didn't find me.

I should've asked you, then, o Lord,
"Who is he, that I should be with,
a helper, companion meet to him?"
And You would have told me, Lord, I believe.

I went through many situations since then,
Till I finally found the light,
I, one day, found my self, my true self,
And the talent He had given me.

And as I became myself, lo and behold,
There was my man, standing in all his glory
Just waiting for me.

I pursued him, but I wasn't yet myself,
And did he recognise me?
I gotta be myself once again,
Only then will I be found.

And when I please him, the Lord does smile,
My pain does ease, and I am pleased.
O Lord, You were so right, then and now,
Gotta find my man, to follow after Thee.

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