Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A poem

A poem :

I love it when ya take command
When you smile 'cos you're happy
When I know I did something right
That made you happy, though you may not know it.

It's what we do in secret that counts
For the good Lord sees what we do
Whatever we do, whoever sees it,
We get a reward there, and no more

If we do somethin' before others, there's a reward from them
But not from the Lord
If we do something and no one sees,
The Lord rewards us in public.

O give us grace, O Lord, to be secret people,
To do things in secret, where only you see
The best things are done only in secret
Where no one breaks in or steals.

We choose our audience, for whatever we do
For a quick reward, we may do something before someone
But for lasting rewards, we do it before our Heavenly Father.
And when He is pleased, He smiles.

When He smiles, Heaven rejoices,
Hell, I rejoice too,
I am so glad when he smiles
All my worries fall through.

Even Satan comes before the Lord,
Though the Lord don't know what he's been up to.
He asks him, "And where have you been?"
And Satan answers Him.

All of creation needs their time with the Lord
Either to praise or to reply
To be patted on the head,
And to rejoice.

I too come, O Lord, and know you know what I've been doing
It's such a relief, O Lord, to finally speak to you.
And you're happy, and me too
And my land is gentled, and settles slowly by.

Yes, it is good to come before the Lord
With an offering from the bounty He gave us
Let us receive what He showers
Lest we be empty-handed.

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