Friday, 11 October 2013

From here to there

From here to there:

Once I thought I could help everyone,
But they don't need my help
They can bear.

Just need to give them space, to find their legs
Just need to lend a helping hand
Not give them all I've got
Lest I be the one in trouble

I need to make sure of what I got
And lend out of the goodness of my heart
Lend from whatever I have
Not from someone else.

Let me give freely of my bounty
I keep the best for me
The rest I can give with impunity
The rewards are plenty

If I take from my neighbour
I have to repay
Not from my worst, but from my best
Far better, I say, to give my second-best

That way, I keep my best,
And you keep yours
Everyone keeps what they have
Only they know the cost

What looks like dirt to me
Might be valuable to my neighbour
Let me not take anything from him
Lest he get impoverished.

Everyone has been given, from the Lord
Who am I to say you are wrong?
If I do well, I will have much more
If I don't, then I go to hell.

Hell ain't bad, if ya ask me
It's warm and toasty all around
Been cold so bad, it sounds real good to me
Ya, I might just spend awhile.

The Lord is good, He's provided
A place for each and everyone
Some like the harps
But some need the heat.

Figuring it out

Figuring it out:

You're always there when I call
You come closer and shower me with gifts
But that's not what I want, and I haven't received them
Then I walk around, and everyone else receives.

I see them bloom and shine
For a time I used to ask, "Why not I?"
Then I realise, it's you I want, and not your gifts.

You make me smile, you cause me to love,
You lift me up, in my soul

I've always reached out for you
When I met people, I talked to you
I used to chatter away all the time
Didn't know why.

But it was good, and I always better
For talking to you
Everything else falls by the way,
All my work, and all my play

When I am me, then I meet you
Somewhere, sometime, somehow
I met you this morning,
When I finally was me.

I tried to play to you
I tried to sing for you
I tried to be for you
And that worked for a while
Then I just did my own thing
And lo and behold, you were here
And I couldn't continue.

I guess it doesn't matter what I do
I only need to see you
That happens when I do my stuff
So now I'll just be me
And meet you around

Looks like I got distracted again
Found a plan, when you were here
Don't need to plan, just live the moment,

Teach me O Lord, to love again,
It comes so easily, when it is you
And you are you, when I am me
So now we know the way to be.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Just some thoughts

Just some thoughts....

What the hell has happened to me
I used to be such a nice girl
Sweet, was the word everyone used
When they talked about me
The girl with the smile......

But to tell the truth,
I'm better now than I used to be
So much has happened since I was me
The latter exceeds the former
'Tis just a question of finding out how

Can stand on my own two feet now
So I've heard it said of me

Am I still sweet, I don't know
Am I sour or am I bitter
Am I hot, ooh there's a pun
I wonder if I am

I used to think I was,
But no one else did
I was told, "Look at her, she is hot"
But they didn't say it about me.

Does it really matter what people say
Are they a true mirror to my face?
I looked in the mirror and didn't understand
Once upon a time,
But now I understand,
That I am me, and you are you.

It's a thing we got going
It's real and true
Ya, sometimes fact is stranger than fiction
Though fiction later follows it.

Gotta keep the fact a fact
It is good, in my hand
I understand
And I'm ready to take my place
At the head of my table.

I'm the queen of my land
I need to subdue it
It cries out to me
I gotto rescue it.

Only me....

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

On hearing you

On hearing you :

I have to react, when I hear your voice
Where ever you are,
You switch it on, and you switch it off
And there's nothing else I can do.

Don't worry, it's always been me
No one else gets in between
There are so many of me,
And so many of you
We're a flock of pairs.
We're a constellation of stars.

You call, and I answer
Even when you're not calling for me
It becomes you and me
And me and you
And you always follow through

Don't you worry, I don't mind
I'd only do it for you
You do so much for me
I just do what I can
Which is sufficient
Which is good
Which is overwhelming

I'm so glad, to have finally found you
I've been talking to you all my life
On the phone, to my friend,
It's always been to you.
When I was on the phone,
People asked, "Who's she talking to?"
I say the words,
But they're said to you.

You were a dream in the air
A feeling I had
A presence I felt
I called you "Lord" for a long time
One person actually said his competition was God.

Sometimes I wonder, should I not tell you this,
And go back to pretending it was the Lord?
But the Lord wants me to fulfill my destiny
The reason He made me.
So here I am,
To be and to do
Just me and you
And the rest just follows through.

Just need to be me

Just need to be me:

I don't need to give you anything anymore
I just need to be
As I am, so are you
If I'm alright, then so are you

Just gotta take care of myself
'Cos I am you, and you are me.
Jesus was right when He said,
"Love your neighbour, as yourself".

First I should love myself.
Only then will I know how to love you
If I don't love myself
Then how can I love you?

And so I love myself
I have mercy on myself
I am good to me
I meet my needs with what He's given me.

And as I live and grow
And become a good tree
The flowers bloom
The bees arrive
And soon there is fruit.

Just gotta be me, it's simple enough
Do I know who I am?
Then is that me?

You can tell me, and shout it in my ear
But if someone else is standing where I used to
It is they who hear.

Wish I'd be myself, and hold my ground
But is it the Lord who sends sleep lest I be found?

Am learning now, not to sleep then
Am learning now to stay awake
When you say my name

Am learning that I should present myself
And not another
I keep trying, to be.
It's workin' fine, if you ask me.

Just keeps getting better, the more I try,
And today I know the reason why.

Then and now

Then and now:

I kissed you once, and I got a lisp
Don't know if it's wise to love you still
You know how to love and you do get through
But I'm still learning how to find you.

'Tis better to stay with the old, than ring in the new
But sometimes if the old is gone, then the new is here to stay
You know it, and I do too
It's time to go straight through

It's another day, wonder what will happen
You froze my browser, put a "Not responding" on it
'Twas a blessing in disguise,
Ya it freed me well,
And I went around doing my stuff.

The room is swabbed and the bed is made
The table is clean and the books are laid
Everything's been cleaned and put back in place.
Here I am, just waiting for you.

I think today's the seventh day since it started,
Not very sure, I forgot when it did,
I'm assuming the seventh, and know it's true
Waiting to see you.

I want to tell you how I feel
I hear you, calling me
I respond, d'ya wannna hear
And get a glimpse into me so near.

Ya already know all about me so
It's so obvious to me that you don't know
Just what I'm talking about
But maybe you do
I think you really do.

Gotta finish this poem, somehow someway,
It's just a few lines, that are here to stay,
I need to get my Kingdom out
The Heaven within, gotta let it out here.

You taught me well, you taught me lots
Don’t you know I need to let it out?
Ya this poem's well on the way to be completed,
Just a little bit more and then we're there.

You're waiting, I can sense that,
I'm so happy you want me back......

Tuesday, 8 October 2013



Once upon a time, I loved the Lord Jesus Christ
And life was good, and I lived and I thrived
Then one day, I found you
And I thought, "I've found the Lord".

It makes perfect sense, though
For you were made in the image of God
So you have His characteristics.

You're strong and you're loving
You subdue with a gentle hand
You draw me with cords of loving kindness
And I recognise you.

You know what I've done
You know what I've not
You've looked out for me
Not just once or twice,
But a thousand times over.

Each time is fresh and new
Each time goes deeper and stronger
The foundation's been laid
In a great big pit
We can build a building now

But let's not boast,
'Twas the Lord's doing,
He kept us all these years,
He loved me, and he loved you
And never did we actually meet.

It's always been the Lord between us
A three-fold cord stays strong and true
It is His handiwork
I praise Him right through.

God is love, and as He stood between us
Whatever I said He turned to love
And whatever you said He turned to love
It was love, love, love all the way

Let's always remember the Lord
It is He who made us
It is He who loved us
It is He who planned us.

When I come to you in the name of the Lord
And you, in His Name,
He is present once again, in our midst
And His Name is loved once more.